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1scout wrote in portkeyorg
I miss Portkey terribly!!

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Same here. :( It's always been home.

I wish someone would tell us if Portkey will be coming back or not...put us out of our misery one way or the other.

It's gone for months....most likely never coming back.

We all do. But let's try not be apart. We should come here more. That's the only way for us to stay together. I'm going to post my HPDH2 insane review tonight and other things that I have in my mind. If someone has something to write do it. We nedd to keep together. I miss all of you people.

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Portkey still seems to be alive on the fan fiction side of things, although I gather some parts are creaking and need oil.

But the rest of it seems badly broken - computer errors on the front page and all. :-(

Just in case someone in power sees this, I sent an e-mail a month or two ago volunteering to assist in getting it back up on its feet; I have some familiarity with web sites (well, PHP and MySQL). I never got any response back.

I hope they take you up on your offer. I finally got permission to post my stuff on Portkey's fanfic side today but their HTML insists on reading all apostrophes and quotation marks as some sort of horrifying new language hitherto unknown to man.

I really hope they manage to fix things up. with the books and movies over it'll be more important than ever to centralize as many remaining fans on one place, so that we keep reviewing, reading, and talking about the stories. right now h/hr is spread all over the place--on lj groups, on ff.net, fictionalley park, etc.

I do to, I miss that place a lot. It was so wonderful to have one place for Harmony fans and all that old stuff was awesome to read, not to mention all the essays, etc. Sigh.

I'm so glad that the fanfic side is still up and running and things are still being posted.

BTW, it's lovely to see a familiar name. I was Fire over at the forums :)

It's so depressing seeing the forums shut down like that. I have so many fond memories of that place. =(

I miss it too! And I REALLY need the lost and found part of the forum.

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