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Is anyone else having a hard time logging into Portkey? Every time I do I get an error message saying I'm not authorized to view the boards. Is that happening to everybody that logs in?

Happy new year
Tobby the dog
Hi, everybody! I'm here, with a little more than twelve hours for 2011. My best wish for everybody and let's hope we overcome the servercrash and be together again in 2011!



Merry Christmas
Tobby the dog
Hi, everybody! I'm going out for some days and spend Christmas in my brother's house (it's his new daughter first christmas). So I won't be here for a while. I'm travelling tomorrow. I want to wish everyone a very happy christmas and happy new year!


From Marcella.

PK Known Tech Issues
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Cf: Other FAQs re Portkey.org' server problems (scroll down that page to read the other FAQs)

Hi all,

I'm presently investigating issues about some specific stories or author accounts created in Oct 2010 around the time our server crashed. I will probably edit this page several times to show details and progress with each. 

I also am still investigating other issues already reported on this LJ before today.  (I keep track of them through the email alerts LJ sends me.

TO PK AUTHORS: I'll do my best to come up with a clearer FAQ for dealing with corrupted chapters or missing stories.  PLEASE DO NOT DELETE chapters or stories lest they compound our problems.  Thanks.

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FAQs about PK's tech issues - part 3
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Cf: FAQs part 1 and part 2

Questions answered here:
Q: I've read the FAQs but still need more information or assistance about uploading corrupted chapters. What can I do?
Q: How long would it take you to reply?
Q: Is it true that Porkey had put up a farewell notice shortly after its server crashed in Oct 2010?

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The tale of three brothers
Tobby the dog
My tour to IMDB DH boards today was very useful. There I read something very interesting (and this one is serious).

The three brothers could be related to Voldermort, Snape and Harry.

The Elder brother wanted power and possess the enbeatable wand. His arrongance was his demise. Like voldermort.

The Second brother only wanted to have the love of his life back, no matter how. The impossibility of staying together even after her shaddow be in front of him. He killed himself. Like Snape.

The younger brother only wanted to live his life in peace, far from death. When they met again, it was as friends. He didn't fear death. Like Harry.

Forget about H/G or H/Hr kiss
Tobby the dog
Someone on IMDB boards posted something very funny, and I think he's right!

Forget about H/G or H/Hr kiss.

The best snog of DH part 1 is between Ron and Mrs Cattermole!

I don't know about you I'm with him/her on this!

Debating about the ships
Tobby the dog
Well, this was posted in critics, it's my own coment and I'll delect the other one. It's an ansewr of the 3rd coment in critics, made by hm276, and since I talked about other thing, I decided to make another post and let that one only about the movies.

Since we do not hava our site now, let's heat this LJ!

I'm not exactly a shipper, i don't care who ends with who, since it's properly written. As a writer myself, (even tough I write plays) I care more about how the story flows, if it has consistency, coherence, coesion and continuity, also known by the "4 C's". And I have more problems with the plot than the pairings. I interpret what I read in the books.

For me, no doubt, they're a threesome. It's how the characters behaved waqnting JK this or not. Sometimes characters are a pain in the ass and do what they want. Worst part: they're always right.

Hermione is a young JK, that really fell in love with a Ron but in the end married a Harry. She said this in one interview herself. Ron and Hermione are perfect for a first love. Never a long lasting relationship. Harry and Hermione however can be longlasting but since this is about love in such young age, they may not recognize it at first. They have to feel passion first to understand love later.

But it can be a story about soul mates. Three soulmates. Heart, Mind and Body.

They're such a closed unite that almost no one can block it. I say almost because I believe that Luna was the most successive one. Unfortunately her character was only there to provide a distraction and introduce her father. She could be a lot more.

In this threesone relationship I could see only three endings:

1 - They assume themselves as a threesome (and ALL is TOO WELL for a children's book;

2 - The opposite. They assume that they can't handle the situation and they decide remain platonic to save what they have;

3 - One of them die, and not necessary one of the boys.

A 4th option could be Hermione choosing, but didn't you found very interesting that after destroying the locket, Harry told to Ron that hermione was like a sister, and he was very happy that his friend had his head hidden in his arm so, he could say this without looking in his eyes? and Hermione didn't participate in this "decision" about her love life. So, no choice to Hermione.

About the second option. Well, there is the main trio and the parallel trio, which is a mirror of the first one.

Both Harry and Neville fitted in the Prophecy;

Ron and Ginny are siblings;

Hermione and Luna are total opposites.

Interesting to observe that the parallel trio has a major crush on the main trio. Harry's POV didn't realize Neville's feelings for Hermione but remember that scene in OOTP when they met Neville and his grandmother in St Mungus? How the grandmother was so happy to meet Hermione and ignored the others, including the "boy who lived"?

Ginny is Ron with skirt and a real passport for Harry to belong to a big family;

Luna is the anti-Hermione, who puts Ron first but do see his flaws - and accept them;

Neville is the Harry that truly sees Hermione, he was her first friend and the first one to recognize her as oposite sex. If I'm not mistaken, they sit together.

So, hm276, enough thoght-provoking to you?


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