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Another try
Tobby the dog
screenplayer_68 wrote in portkeyorg

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Ahhh it's so exciting, and I saw a hug in there! /late comment is late

I know. I'm finding very interesting the way they're dealing with H/Hr's relationship. The "sibling system" clearly do not work. There's more than it. I truly believe that there's no passion involved. There's love and the question is: what's the extension of this love?

Don't Where Else To Put This

First off Epic video! *^^* Can't wait to see the movie in full!

Secondly the ads need to go. At the end of every portkey story/chapter there's a video ad. And it plays over and over and I can't mute it or anything. It's annoying and distracting.

Please do something about this. Thank you!!

I didn't note, wapogipo88, but I'll see it, and than try to contact admins.

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